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Our products are free of:

  • Acute toxins
  • Reproductive toxins
  • Organ toxins
  • Carcinogens
  • Mutagens
  • Phthalates
  • Parabens
  • Sulfates
  • Animal testing
  • Artificial dyes
wood wick coconut soy candle

Burning Instructions

  • – Cut wick to 1/4 inch before EACH lighting using a scissors or Taylor & Co wick trimmer.
  • – Your first burn should allow the entire top of the wax to melt to the edges to avoid tunneling and uneven burning.
  • – Keep wax pool free of debris. Discontinue use when 1/2 inch of wax remains.
  • – DO NOT burn if there is no wax left under the wicks (expecially dough bowl candles)
  • If your candle has crystals – remove them right away or once the melt pool has reached the crystal using the included bamboo tongs.

Candle Safety

  • – Do not burn for more than 4 hours at a time.
  • – Only burn on even, fire resistant surface away from drafty areas.
  • DO NOT place candle tins on surfaces that are wood or vinyl.
  • – Never leave burning candles unattended.
  • – Keep away from flammable objects.
  • – Keep away from children and pets.
  • The contents of the candle are not edible
  • – If your flame is too high – trim your wick

Taylor & Co candles are hand-poured and decorated in small batches to ensure the highest quality. Variation in color and texture is normal.


Taylor & Co Candles are 100% plant based made with a split blend of organic coconut and soy wax. We also infuse each our candles with coconut oil for a clean balanced scent throw. Coconut soy wax is a favorite when looking for an all-natural candle with an environmental impact. Coconut soy wax is non-toxic, burns longer, and cleaner than most other waxes.

Many candles on the market are made with paraffin wax which is derived from petroleum, coal, or oil shale. When paraffin wax is burned, various toxic chemicals can be released into the environment.

Why does my wick go out?
  1. It may just need a re-light to allow the wax to move up the wick
  2. The wick is too far above the surface of the wax. Although we think the longer wick will make a bigger flame it does not. The longer the wick the harder it is for the wax to move up the wick. Make sure the wick is trimmed to 1/4 inch before each lighting
  3. There is too much ash or burnt section on the wick. Gently remove the excess wick using scissors or T&C wick trimmer.
  4. Insufficient melt pool forming at the base of the wick. Carefully make a melt pool at the base of the wick while lighting the candle.
what is the difference between essential oil and fragrance oil?

We heavily research the oils used in our products to ensure they are safe for you and the environment.

Essential oils are natural extracts taken directly from herbs, flowers, and plants. Taylor & Co only uses organic therapeutic grade essential oils.

Fragrance oils are made up of a combination of various synthetic aroma elements and natural elements, such as resins, extracts, and essential oils. Fragrance oils are only used in our candles when a certain aroma cannot be achieved by essential oils alone.

Taylor & Co only uses high-end fragrance oils that are free of phthalates, reproductive toxins, organ toxins, acute toxins, carcinogens, and mutagens.

Why cold process soaps?

Cold-process soap making involves mixing natural butters, oils, and sodium hydroxide to create a reaction called saponification. This reaction preserves the beneficial properties of the plant-derived oils and butters infused into each Taylor & Co soap. Studies show many commercial soaps contain harmful additives and detergents, which strip the skin of its natural oils. The main benefit of cold process soap is having complete control over ingredients. We heavily research our ingredients to promote smooth, moisturized, and healthy skin. Cold process-soap is also long-lasting and better for the environment making it our go to choice for soap making.

Sodium hydroxide is an essential component in the production of soap; it combines with the natural oils and butters to produce a new substance during the saponification process, turning the liquid oils into a solid soap bar. Saponification is the chemical reaction that occurs when oils and butters are combined with sodium hydroxide to create a completely new material (soap). This means there is no sodium hydroxide left in the soap after the saponification process, just creamy, bubbly, hydrating goodness for your skin. 


Candles: All our coconut soy wax candles are vegan

Body Bars: Lavender + Eucalyptus Gentle Vegan Body Bar, Rosemary + Lemon Vegan Body Bar,  Breath of Fresh Air Body Bar, Cooling Earth Body Bar, Mocha Coffee Body Bar, Northwoods Body Bar

Face Bars: Turmeric Anti-Aging Specialty Face Bar

Hand Bars: Crystal-infused hand bars

Pet Bars: Natural Pet Shampoo Bar | Tick + Flea Repelling

Face Scrubs: Rejuvenating Java Coffee Face Scrub

Exfoliating Scrubs: All of our whipped soap sugar scrubs are vegan

Aromatherapy Mists: all of our aromatherapy mists are vegan

What is your return policy?

Due to COVID-19 we are currently not accepting any exchanges or returns.

If you have any issues with your product, we want to know about it.  Please send an email to info@taylorandco.boutique and we will be happy to work with you.

What is your shipping policy?

We use USPS priority mail to ship with pricing based on the total weight of your order. We offer free shipping on orders over $85. Most orders ship within 3-5 business days. Local pick-up options are available upon request. If you need your order shipped sooner or are interested in local pick up please contact info@taylorandco.boutique.


Local pick-up options are available to those in Cannon Falls, MN or surrounding areas. If you would like to complete your order via local pick-up, please contact info@taylorandco.boutique.

Does taylor & co do wholesale?

Please email info@taylorandco.boutique to discuss wholesale options.


The viscosity of some essential oils may cause oils to settle at the top of the bottle. This is normal with 100% therapeutic grade essential oils. However, they can clog the sprayer if the bottle isn’t shaken before EVERY use to ensure the oils are mixed well.

If your sprayer is not working, follow these steps:

1.  Unscrew the sprayer from the bottle and run it through the dishwasher or under hot water to loosen and remove essential oil residue.

2.  If nozzle is still not spraying after that, soak the nozzle in rubbing alcohol or in a water and vinegar mixture to help remove essential oil residue.

3.  If sprayer is still not working, please contact info@taylorandco.boutique for a replacement.

What is the difference between our two sugar scrubs?

Our body polishes are made with deeply moisturizing natural butters, oils, and exfoliants. It is recommended to use these scrubs after applying body wash.

Our whipped soap sugar scrubs have a body wash base, so they double as soap. These scrubs are made with natural butters, oils, extracts, and exfoliants and are also moisturizing.

Both of our scrubs are made with pure and natural ingredients to exfoliate, nourish, and moisturize your skin. We recommend using either scrub in the shower or bath 2-3 times per week.