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Taylor & Co makes our own natural whipped soap base to provide a bubbly lather and a deeply moisturizing clean:

· Glycerin:
Glycerin is derived from vegetable fats and has antimicrobial properties. It is a humectant, meaning it pulls water to the outer layer of the skin, sealing in moisture. Glycerin is also known to accelerate wound healing, protect against skin irritants, and improve dryness associated with psoriasis.

· Coco Betaine:
Coco betaine is a natural fatty acid that is derived from coconuts. It acts as a surfactant, meaning it binds to oils and dirt to cleanse skin. It is gentle on the skin, deeply moisturizing, and nourishing.

· Stearic Acid:
Stearic acid is a fatty acid found naturally in various plant fats. It is an emollient and surfactant, meaning it works by cleaning, softening, and smoothing the skin without stripping its natural oils. Stearic acid strengthens the skin’s barrier, locking in moisture and preventing signs of aging.

· Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate (SCI):
SCI is naturally derived from coconut oil. It acts as a surfactant that gently cleanses skin, creating a silky lather while lifting away dirt, oil, and other build up. SCI is deeply moisturizing, prevents damage to the skin barrier, and is great for those with dry, sensitive skin.

Found in all Whipped Soap + Sugar Scrubs